Tin Roof Aussies

We have some of the friendliest dogs on the planet and wouldn't have it any other way! Look for us in the show rings starting in 2021!

Stay tuned for Health Testing results from Canine Health Check!

We partner with some amazing people who have and love Aussies. We have contacts for standard AKC registered Aussies but do not currently breed standards at our home. At Tin Roof Aussies we strive to produce excellent quality mini ASDR, & toy ASDR litters. Most are Double Registered with MASCA and some are Triple Registered with ASA.


All About Us

Sam got me started with the Miniature Aussie breed in May of 2020 when my mother gave him to me as a Mother's Day Gift. I knew I wanted one but I didn't know how much he would become a necessity in my life. He is so happy all the time and loves his life and us and the world around him. He was a year and half when we got him. I never imagined he would be exactly what I pictured as the perfect pet. I've met shy Aussies, hyper Aussies, lovable Aussies, and everything in between. I believe that Sam is the perfect specimen of what an Aussie should be. He has the drive to do whatever you ask of him and the willingness to please everyone. He is great with kids, cats, dogs, grandmas, and babies! We love you Sam and I don't know what I will ever do without you!


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