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Breeding Perfection

Tin Roof's Calling Him Trooper

$1000 Stud Fee
For Sale: $500 pet/$1500 full rights

Trooper is a red merle male with one blue and one Amber Eye. He is full panel clear and a single copy merle carrier. 16" tall.

He is registered as an AKC Miniature American & also as an ASDR Miniature Australian Shepherd. 


Timberline's Color Storm

Stud Fee - $1500

Gauge is a big boy standing at 19.5" tall. He comes from a long line of mini & Toy aussies and will throw that size according to the female you breed him with. He is a minimal blue merle with one brown and one marbled eye.
He is full panel clear and has his OFA's done. He is registered as an AKC Australian Shepherd & an ASDR Standard Australian Shepherd. 

Timberline's Winter Storm @ Keldrew Ranch

$1500 - Stud fee

Blizzard stands at around 18.5" tall. This guy is sweet as can be! He is full panel clear, non merle, non S locus. He is an NBT (bobtail) carrier. He has had his OFA's done. This boy has produced multiple champions in the show ring!
He is registered with AKC as an Australian Shepherd & ASDR as a standard Australian Shepherd. 


Double M's Candy Crow @ Tin Roof

$1500 - Stud Fee
For Sale: $500 pet/$1500 full rights

We are so excited to be adding this boy to our program in March 2022. He comes from a long line of Mini Aussies in the ASDR/AKC/UKC show rings.
Pokey is full panel clear by parentage with double ghost blue eyes. So far he has given those baby blues to every puppy he has produced! He's a big guy at 20.75" tall. And weighs 53 lbs. When bred to a smaller female you will get mini sized puppies. 
2022 - Finished #7 Standard Australian Shepherd with ASDR in conformation points.
He is AKC & ASDR Registered. 

Keldrew Ranch Limit On The Rocks @ Tin Roof

Not Available for Outside Stud at this time!

Jagger is amazing. This 16" boy has it all. We are breeding him in house only for now.

DM Carrier,Non Dilute,m/M268,normal tail, No S Locus.
AKC Australian Shepherd & ASDR Registered.


Keldrew Ranch Hell Bent @ Tin Roof

Not Available for Stud at this Time.

Bentley is a Blizzard Grandson. 17" tall. Bi blue merle with gorgeous double blue eyes.
AKC Australian Shepherd/ASDR Registration
DM Carrier, Red Factored, Non Dilute, m/M269, Non S Locus, Bobtail

Keldrew Ranch Grab the Loot @ Tin Roof

Not Available for Stud at this time!

Say Hi to Loot! This dilute mini male is built like a brick and has a heart of gold!16" Tall! Despite his coloring he is still making waves in the ICKC show rings. He will not be shown with ASDR due to the disqualifying colors he has. If you'd like to learn more about his colors, feel free to contact me!

Full Panel Clear, Red Factored, Double Dilute Carrier, M224/M267, No S Locus, Bobtail.

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