Our Males

Breeding Perfection


ASDR Zeus 

Blue Merle - Split Face - 1 Marble and 1 Blue Eye

Full Panel Clear

Zeus comes to us from Colorado. He was born February 2020. He is more of a high drive aussie who loves to please. We are so glad he joined the group! 

ASDR Barbie's Wolf Dog

Blue Merle Male - Double Blue Eyes

DM - At Risk/Carrier

MDR1 Carrier

Wolfy is such a good sweet boy. He aims to please and never stops making us laugh! He is the perfect companion and we couldn't ask for anything more from this gorgeous boy!

ASDR Tin Roof Sam's First Shot

Black Tri Male - Double Brown Eyes

Full Panel Clear

Sam was a Mother's Day gift to me and he is my whole world. I couldn't have asked for a better dog, friend, companion! He started my love for the breed and the intelligence they have.

ASDR Rafter 4S's Cinch It Up @ Tin Roof aka Gus

Red Tri with 2 Amber Eyes

Gus is a red tri toy aussie owned by Brittany Moss. He is close to 12" tall and has the most gorgeous show coat! He was born September 2020 and we can't wait to see the babies he throws!