Our Females

ASDR Tin Roof's West Texas Katie McLintock

Red Merle Female - One Blue, One Green/Blue Marbled Eye

DOB - 4/1/2021

Katie comes to us from San Antonio. She has Waymire and West Texas in her background. I have seen pictures of her parents and grandparents and we are expecting a show stopper here! Katie starts showing in June of 2021!


ASDR Outback Shawnee Winds Blowing at Small World

Full Panel Clear by Parentage
Red Factored

Shawnee comes from some great lines that include lots of blue eyes! She is 15" tall and weighs about 20 lbs. Her bone structure is phenomenal. She has Waymire & Cross K lines behind her! We are so glad to add her to our program!

ASDR Barbie's Aztec Jewels

Female Black Tri w/ 2 brown eyesTesting Pending

Jewels is our keeper from our first Cricket x Sam litter. We are excited to see how she turns out.


ASDR A2A's Woo Woo's Got the Boom @ Tin Roof

Female Blue Merle w/ 2 Marble EyesMDR1 Carrier

Gracie is our toy female from Dottie VanDeventer. We have high hopes for this solid built toy girl. At almost 6 months old she has started showing well for us! She is expected to be 12" tall and weighs about 15 lbs when full grown.
Titles Earned
ICKCGroup 1 Puppy 2nd Place - 11/2021

ASDR FLYN-M's It's All Boujee To Me @ Tin Roof

Black Tri Female w/ 2 brown eyesPending Testing

This mini female right here just makes my day! Boujee is 90- Nothing all day every day! She is wide and has a great stride of you can get her to walk! 
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Tin Roof's Peep of FLYN-M Fiddle

Female Black Tri w/ 1 blue & 1 brown eyeTesting Pending

Our little Peeps is just too cute! She is small framed with a huge heart! She was the smallest one in her litter by a long shot but we think she has what it takes to be a show dog! Stay tuned to see how she turns out...
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