Our Females


ASDR Tin Roof Cricket Bug

Blue Merle Female - 1 Blue & 1 Brown Eyes

MDR1 Carrier

We picked Cricket out before she was born and boy are we glad we did! She is a great puppy! She is calm and collected and comes from our friend Krista Aguilar.



ASDR Tin Roof's Dally Me A Lady

Black Tri Female - 2 brown eyes

Full Panel Clear

Dally was our pick of the litter from the Sam x Ruby cross in 2021. She has shown once with ICKC and did very well. We will be showing her 2 more times in 2021. Stay tuned for stats!

Sweet Pea - For Sale $1500

Tin Roof's Hasty Has It Covered

Sweet Pea is from working and show lines. Her great grandfather is a Rim Fire International Champion and she also has Hughes's Toy lines. She is the sweetest dog I have ever met. She absolutely adores being held and carried around and has the speed of a greyhound! Her testing has been sent in and should be back in a couple of weeks.


Pearl - Going to her new home in Alabama (May 2021)

Full Panel Clear

ASDR Abby's Pretty Pink Pearl
Blue Merle Female - 1 Blue/ 1 Marble Colored Eye

We found this baby looking for a new home and brought her home 11/8/2020. Pearl is becoming my daughters best friend and a great member of our household. We can't thank Sweetie enough for letting us take this young lady home!

ASDR Tin Roof's West Texas Katie McLintock

Red Merle Female - One Blue, One Green/Blue Marbled Eye

DOB - 4/1/2021

Katie comes to us from San Antonio. She has Waymire and West Texas in her background. I have seen pictures of her parents and grandparents and we are expecting a show stopper here! Katie starts showing in June of 2021!